P2P Live Streaming

Efficient and Global live streaming Industry-leading p2p technology


Intelligent P2P VoD, playback, file distribution; No lag and congestion

P2P network management

Central P2P network control system Easy to manage and deploy

Software OEM

P2P and streaming technology consulting, SDK、App development OEM

H.265 HD Encoder

Stable and easy to use H.265/H.264 hardware encoder

How does BinStream work?

BinStream is a multimedia distribution system based on P2P technology. There is a seed node in the system that sends data to other viewers. And these viewers also send data to other viewers when they got data from seed. Every viewer in the BinStream system is a receiver and a sharer. BinStream continuously controls and optimize the P2P network to distribute multimedia content globally with cheap cost in the meanwhile.

Numerous scenarios


About us

SopCast Team focus on P2P technology from 2005. And SopCast client is very popular in the world wide because of its efficiency and stability. Nowadays, millions of fans still using SopCast app to share their favourite multimedia content.

BinStream is a well-built commercial software by SopCast team. In order to suit the bussiness requirements, there are many enhancements from the original system.

Enhanced stability

P2P Central Control System

Quick Play Technology

Bussiness Management System

Shorten Live Streaming Delay

High Quality Encoding

P2P VoD System

Leading H.265 Support