P2P Live Streaming System

Effecient data sharing based on self-property P2P technology. Besides good cross-network and cross-continent data transmit, BinStream uses very limited bandwidth with a very low running cost to distribute multimedia content

Traditional CDN

Large bandwidth output

Lagging caused by unsufficient bandwidth or cross-continent


Limited bandwidth output, streaming data shared by users

Optimized distribution, no lagging

Multimedia Streaming Evolution


Pros:Mature, well deployed

Cons:Expensive, area limited


Pros:Low cost

Cons:hard to control,low QoS


Pros:Low cost, cross-network, quick start, easy to control and manage

Cons:SDK integrate required

Bandwidth Usage Compare

*Assuming stream bitrate is 1Mbps

BinStream Architecture

Technical Advantages

Cross-continent transmit, make global live streaming possible

Effecient NAT traversal

Small live stream delay

Multi media formats support

Multi platform support

Multiple control and management method

Bi-direction encryption

Memory buffering

Large scale concurrent users

Android OTT support